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> One caracteristic of second season is the more polygonal and less
> rounded draws of the Kats. Look at "Mutation City", during the scenes
> of TB & R training (at the start of episode). Especially the side fur
> of Jake's face, you can check it!
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After Michael Hirtes (another Tremblay correspondent) sent me a copy of "Mutation City"
from the H-B demo that ran at '94 Comicon, I spent the next few hours frame-advancing it
to check out all the stuff I'd only seen previously in big-budget anime efforts. One of the
nifty tricks was the "bleeding" that they did (check when Jake is climbing Garbage Mountain)
to emphasize movement. Damn outstanding. The guys were drawn more angularly in this
one (and again in the last finished episode "Unlikely Alloys"), and I think it was Christian
Tremblay himself who told me that this art-style would've been used for a movie had Turner
not lost his sense of perspective. I wrote to the Tremblays at the time "if the changes made
to the art-style in "Unlikely Alloys" and "Mutation City" represent an experiment of sorts - well,
the experiment is an unqualified success!". Well, maybe a 'qualified' success, as the more
angular character models were also quite rigid - allowing for roughly half the "range" of facial
expressions seen on Butch Hartman's models.

"The Deadly Pyramid" showed yet another set of models for the guys. T-Bone never looked better,
but I still dislike the Razor art from that ep as being not quite one extreme or ther other, yet not
really a good compromise either. We could've looked forward to yet _another_ revision had
a movie been pitched....

...the Tremblays were contemplating animatronics and Live-action a la TMNT!

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