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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 23:37:22 -0800

>>I was watching the SKIQ on tape the other day and noticed the announcer
>>talking about the Cyclotron. He said it did 200mph while different scenes
>>of the Cyclotron were being shown. The "Secret Files of the SK" says that
>>it does 300mph. It would appear the writers didn't pay very close attention
>>when putting together SKIQ.
>Yeah, I'd tend to look at the "Katseye News Special Report" thing for exactly what it is:
>a somewhat sorry compilation of disjointed clips assembled by a few clueless someones with
>a bit too much time to spend in front of the editor. The new voice work by Adler and Gordon
>for the "SKIQ" thing was fun, but the rest was a bit condescending and often outright silly.
>This thing was originally intended to begin the second season as kind of a retrospective on the
>first and a "preview of coming attractions" ahead of "Mutation City". It failed the mission, and
>was almost run as an afterthought on TBS shortly before the program was yanked from rotation.
>TCN has yet to broadcast it, and is apparently unaware of its existence.

I forgot to mention how I know this. If you check the credits, you'll see Davis' name there
as nominal producer of the thing, but a completely unfamiliar "writer". Secondly, there's
a picture file on the site called "Dockat.gif" which is a Hanna-Barbera model sheet from
"Mutation City" starring a kat-caricature of our list's real-life model for the character - "Dr. Samuel
Conway". On this sheet, you'll notice that the production number is actually "94-02" or some
such, which denotes the fact that the sheet is part of the second episode pack, despite
"Mutation"'s airing in the first second season slot. One of the production people (who shall
remain unnamed to protect the innocent) told me that it was shelved and almost run as
an afterthought on TBS late in the run.

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