Re: Dead SwatKats.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 08:59:36 +0700

>>BTW DJ, I heard that SeaQuest once time travel to 200 years into
>>the future, does they use the same theory as this one?
>They don't really use any theory. They just state, "The Future
>cannot exist without the past."

It is true, the future and the past are both connected, the same also goes
for the past, "The past cann't exist without the future".

(SeaQuest storyline)
>A VERY stupid plot, with tons of wholes. If the future cannot exist
>without the past and the past DOES exist, then that means humans will
>exist forever or not exist at all.

I cann't comment on this one, never see this episode before.

>I believe humans will have their downfall and ultimately dissappear.

Does this mean that the SwatKats could also be dead in "A Bright and Shiny

>Also, another hole similar to the one discussed by us: great, the crew
>is back in the past, but the plague is still coming. It will eventually
>kill the whole world.

This is the sorta thing that happen to "A Bright and Shiny Future", if the
SwatKats die in the future, will the future remain the same? will the
SwatKats die? if the same thing happen to the SwatKats, then what about
after the defeat the Metallikats?

BTW DJ, about this plague thing on the SeaQuest episode, if they (The
crew.) cann't stopped the plauge, then it _will happen_.

>Hmmm . . . I think I should approach the seaQuest mailing list with
>this one . . .
> now you've got me thinkin' . . .

Hey, I always started somebody to think something, thats probaly my purpose
in life.

> Dr. Jake

BTW DJ, how about those SQ WAV?

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