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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 21:03:27 -0500 (EST)

>>Heck, for all we know the entire planet could be the size of a basketball,
>>have 39 months with 8 days a week & 18 hours in a day! :)
>I think that 12 numbers is on their clock tower (The one on the city hall
>tower.), so the possiblities of 24 hours a day is very high. (In their
>times of course, human hours maybe different from kats hours.)

Ooo! Ya got me on that one! :) But it's true that many of the kats'
standards could be different from ours. Basing our time standard on a
number of vibrations from an electically excited Cesium atom to approximate
the amount of distance of earth travel around the sun is pretty arrogant on
our part. Time is relative.

>>What if all the kats are the size of "real" earth cats?
>This is irelevant to Lance Falk theory that the kat is the same size with
>the humans, of course unless the big mothership in "When Strikes Mutilor"
>were really _a huge ship_. That's probaly why Razor said that it will
>casued the same effect as an asteroid when the thing hit the planet.

In the original idea of "When Strikes Mutilor", the "Aquians" were going to
be "Earthers" instead. From this we can assume that the Kats are fairly
close to our size.

>BTW Matt, this "kats size = cats size" is something that we must be
>consider to think about, anyone want to comment on this one?

I don't think we really _need_ to discuss this, I was only trying to make a
point. :)

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