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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 22:39:21 +0700

>At 08:42 AM 1/7/96 +0700, Edo wrote:
>>Hey, it don't always to be 31 days in every month, they could have a lot
>>variation of days in each month. Example to the real life: Our February.
>Heck, for all we know the entire planet could be the size of a basketball,
>have 39 months with 8 days a week & 18 hours in a day! :)

I think that 12 numbers is on their clock tower (The one on the city hall
tower.), so the possiblities of 24 hours a day is very high. (In their
times of course, human hours maybe different from kats hours.)

>What if all the kats are the size of "real" earth cats?

This is irelevant to Lance Falk theory that the kat is the same size with
the humans, of course unless the big mothership in "When Strikes Mutilor"
were really _a huge ship_. That's probaly why Razor said that it will
casued the same effect as an asteroid when the thing hit the planet.

>All the buildings & structures
>would be sized accordingly AND even tho they use the same names for units
>(miles, mach, etc.), it's quite possible it would be different from our
>standards. Afterall the inch, yard, cubit, etc. all originally came from
>the length of a *human's* arm or hand. If an inch was based on the width of
>2 kat fingers instead of 2 human fingers.. well, you get the idea.

Does somebody here got the idea of writing a fanfic that T-Bone and Razor
got zapped by a villain ray gun? the SwatKats are then turn into kat size
cats (The one that we know today.) and cann't talk or think like a usual

BTW Matt, this "kats size = cats size" is something that we must be
consider to think about, anyone want to comment on this one?

>>I always thinking of this, since that they like Briggs (Well, I think that
>>they like her.). Could it be that there is a picture of her somewhere in
>>the garage?
>Heh. They probably see Callie often enough that they don't really need a
>picture. They just need to wait a few hours for the next villian to attack.

Or the next time her car need a tune-up again. BTW, if Briggs does missing
for a very long time (Got kill, missing, sick, etc.), they must have some
picture of her somewhere, don't they?

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