Re: Major mistake?

Date: Sun, 07 Jan 1996 14:45:50 EST

>>> It would appear the writers didn't pay very close attention
>>>when putting together SKIQ.
>>Oh, nothing's major about that. seaQuest has convinced me that it
>>has a completely separate batch of writers for EVERY scene in
>>episode ever made. And NONE of them ever bothered to read the SQ

>Most series have continuity glitches when they go beyond two seasons.
  The "Cyclotron"
>thing is just plain careless, but then again, who painted Razor's
nose white on the Home
>Video boxes?

Of course, but I believe seaQuest is the worst. Those writers
were just plain LAZY. We found about one inconsistency error
more) in every episode of the third season, several in the second,
and a few
in the first.

                                     Dr. Jake

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