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Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 18:09:10 -0800

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>>I was watching the SKIQ on tape the other day and noticed the announcer
>>talking about the Cyclotron. He said it did 200mph while different scenes
>>of the Cyclotron were being shown. The "Secret Files of the SK" says that
>>it does 300mph. It would appear the writers didn't pay very close attention
>>when putting together SKIQ.


>Yeah, I'd tend to look at the "Katseye News Special Report" thing for
exactly what it is:
>a somewhat sorry compilation of disjointed clips assembled by a few
clueless someones with
>a bit too much time to spend in front of the editor. The new voice work by
Adler and Gordon
>for the "SKIQ" thing was fun, but the rest was a bit condescending and
often outright silly.


>This thing was originally intended to begin the second season as kind of a
retrospective on the
>first and a "preview of coming attractions" ahead of "Mutation City". It
failed the mission, and
>was almost run as an afterthought on TBS shortly before the program was
yanked from rotation.
>TCN has yet to broadcast it, and is apparently unaware of its existence.
<ack!>TBS? I'm going mad knowing I've failed my purpose on this planet! All
I need is the network, as disgusting as it may be, just don't puke while
writing the network.

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