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Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 08:42:05 +0700

>>>But, how about if the SwatKats was stop from being crashed to city
>>Actually, you never really _see_ TB & R crash into the building in
>>"Bright &Shiny Future" -- you see the Turbokat crash into the
>There was a problem with the plot in that episode
>(A Bright and Shiny Future.).
>A VERY large plot hole that could be argued as right or wrong.
>We exist in every possible timeline (IMHO)

Unless someone got killed first. ;)

>and every timeline has the possibility of happening to us in each

Yes, every timeline has the possibility of happening to us.

>In the plot of Bright and Shiny, the SWAT Kats are sent forward,
>skipping several years and going straight into a world run by Mack
>and Molly.

Unless some other villain take over the city first.

>Therefore, they never existed in the past they skipped,
>when Mack and Molly attempted to take over and succeeded.

And since that there is no SwatKats in this past, the Metallikats (And
probaly the other villains.) are having an easier time taking over the
entire city. This make sense, of course the are still the Turbokat thing.

>The plothole is the Turbokat didn't exist in that past, because at that
>time the SWAT Kats were all ready zapped into the future. Therefore,
>they never crashed.

This is a plothole, if there is no SwatKats in the past, then who crashed
to city hall? another Turbokat that was created by someone else? Hey, that
could happen, Feral probaly kicked out someone from the Enforcer again.
This could explain giving the key to the SwatKats replacement thing, like
someone here mention before.

>When they returned to the past, they WERE there to defeat
>Mac and Molly, therefore there was no takeover.
>Kind of complicated, but makes the point.

But will they also be shot down by the Metallikats craft? if the future in
their timeline is the same as to the future in "A Bright and Shiny
Future.", then they will have the same fight and probaly also got destroyed
too. Of course unless they change their way of attacking the Metallikats
(This is some of the chaos factor that I mention before.).

> Dr. Jake

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