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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 08:42:03 +0700

>>Well, I'm not sure wich episode this was in, but in one of them, in the
>>background, I saw a calendar that read "June". (Or was it July?)
>I always see "July" on the calendar hanging up in the garage. It's kinda
>weird tho, sometimes it looks like there's forty-something days in the
>month, and other times you can see the numbers for the days on the calendar,
>which end in "31".

Hey, it don't always to be 31 days in every month, they could have a lot
variation of days in each month. Example to the real life: Our February.

>Who knows, Jake & Chance might just like the picture of
>the model on that particular month & never turn the page.

You maybe right. The calendar probaly just there for viewing sake, and not
keeping track of time. ;)

>(Although, there have been different pictures appearing on the calendar in
>different eps. It usually appears to be a pic of a kat beauty in a bikini.)

I always thinking of this, since that they like Briggs (Well, I think that
they like her.). Could it be that there is a picture of her somewhere in
the garage, it don't have to be a picture of her in a bikini, but just a
picture of her.

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