Re: What will happen if Chance say yes at that time?

Date: Sat, 6 Jan 1996 01:06:34 -0500 (EST)

At 07:28 AM 1/6/96 +0700, you wrote:
>What if Chance obey Commander Feral order to go back to the HQ? will the
>SwatKats will be created? what will happen to MegaKat city? will everything
>will remain the same? will Feral change his mind on the guys? etc.

Heh. Dark Kat probably would've dropped his bomb on Enforcer Headquarters
destroying it. Feral would've blamed Chance & Jake for interfering too much
(but not destroying HQ) & letting DK get away with it. Then Feral would've
kicked them off the Enforcers & made them pay for the building anyways.
Back to where we started! :)

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