Re: What will happen if Chance say yes at that time?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 03:27:42 +0700

>At 07:28 AM 1/6/96 +0700, you wrote:
>>What if Chance obey Commander Feral order to go back to the HQ? will the
>>SwatKats will be created? what will happen to MegaKat city? will everything
>>will remain the same? will Feral change his mind on the guys? etc.
>Heh. Dark Kat probably would've dropped his bomb on Enforcer Headquarters
>destroying it.

I don't think so, Jake already ruined Dark Kat weapon system before they
was ordered to go back, they have receieved the order after Dark Kat is
unable to release his bomb on the HQ. Feral ordered the return to base
command after things are clear, but Chance say no on going back, what could
happen if he say yes?

>Feral would've blamed Chance & Jake for interfering too much
>(but not destroying HQ) & letting DK get away with it.

No, Jake and Chance were allowed to continue the pursuit (Unless I has too
many hair on my ears, I maybe hear the wrong message from their wingman.),
only the other kats aren't brave enough to chase Dark Kat. If they were
order to come back and obey Feral order, on what base do Feral blame them?

>Then Feral would've kicked them off the Enforcers & made them pay for
>the building anyways. Back to where we started! :)

I don't think that even Feral would be that lawless, after all they were
only doing their job, and if there is no bomb been dropped, what will
happen to Jake and Chance?

Of course this is my opinion, anybody want comment on it?

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