Re: Dead SwatKats. (Boy! what a future that it will make for MegaKat city.)

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 12:30:31 +0700

>At 06:51 PM 1/4/96 +0700, you wrote:
>>Will the SwatKats die in the future? it say that in "A Bright and Shiny
>>Future." that they will be dead, and unless some element of chaos is
>>inserted, they will be dead for sure. Comments please?
>The mere fact that they were transported into the future changed the

But they only changed the time-line in the _near future MegaKat_, and the
old SwatKats still die in the _real timeline_ (Of course we aren't sure
that this is the real time-line.). Nothing cann't stop the Pastmaster for
reviving the Metallikats in the future again. I repeat it again, _nothing
will stop him_, unless some chaos factor is put in the situation.

(note: The Pastmaster come to the present MegaKat after he brought back the
Metallikats to life.)

>Besides, if they ever _did_ die, they'd be brought back to life
>(i.e. Superman).

Ahem, I have talk to few people about reviving fictional characters, and
they were feel cheated when they have heard that their favorite is been

But, how about if the SwatKats was stop from being crashed to city hall?

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