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Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 20:53:45 -0800

>I watched the whole WPT countdown. As I recall, all of the Pat Ventura
>'toons hugged the bottom of the list ("Yuckie Duck," "George and Junior").
>After they showed the number one WPT (Can't believe they picked "Johnny
>Bravo" as the best but, hey, he's better than Yuckie) they showed the
>first new WPT of 1996, "Boid and Woim." It was a six minute short, but
>I didn't even make it past the first 3 minutes.
>But I'm glad that "PowerPuff Girls" and "Dexter's Lab" scored highly.

Fred Seibert has managed to ignore all our mail, all Christian's phone calls, in fact - all
feedback of every description that *doesn't* concern the WPT's. There was a Hollywood-only
rollout of the newest "What A Cartoon!" things that they've highly touted over the last year, and
Seibert spent a lot of time extolling the virtues of "Dexter's Lab" - even going through the trouble
of ensuring a 35mm print of the thing be shown as opposed to the standard "video with delusions
of grandeur". From what I heard, the audience was barely "whelmed", though a couple of the
unaired ones shown there drew a reaction from those in attendance at least a few degrees above lukewarm.

The thing is, Mr. Seibert and gang don't see the forest for the trees. After a similar showing of
the WPT's last year, Seibert credited Ren and Stimpy's John Kricfalusi (in the audience) as
the "inspiration behind the WPT's" (and it's not hard to see which). After some initial success with "Jonny Bravo" and "Dexter's Lab", a couple of posts went out to internet from a Turner employee by the name of Perry Smith at roughly the same time all us Kat fans were saturating rec.arts.animation
with "SwatKats" posts. Perry wrote that he'd "forward comments concerning the WPT's to (Pat Ventura and the like) if people made them". Well, amidst all our Kats posts, nobody said more
 than two words about the WPT's (I know, I saved the posts). Still, I guess school was out and the blinders on, because the Kats commentary was completely ignored, and Mr. Smith was evidently cautioned about further "unauthorized" posts made to newsgroups ostensibly on behalf of Turner Entertainment. He hasn't posted since.

I'm sort of glad that Tartovsky and McCracken are getting at least *some* credit for their work, but
I'm a bit disappointed that TCN's ballot reads like those found in a Chilean election - you know,

Which do you want to vote for, senor?

a) el presidente
b) el presidente
c) el presidente

If they would've put "SwatKats" on the card, the results would've been a lot different. Problem is,
you'd never hear them above Ted's manic screams of "RECOUNT!".
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