Re: SwatKats identity.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 23:02:16 +0700

>>>Any major city in the US.
>>Does every major city in the US is really look like MegaKat?
>No. I was talking about the part about counterculture heroes.

Yes, but does every major city in the US has been attack by a powerful villain?

>>>Boring, as in predictable, can be good.
>>Does this mean that they always stop at every red light? I began to wonder
>>why do the Enforcer ever created in the first place.
>Well, in Europe and places like Singapore they obey the rules more.

Well, I was in Sinagpore once, and I think that they have loosen up a
little bit on following the rule thing, although my father is still
complaining on why he cann't smoke.

>Kats seem to be pretty law-abiding too, and if it weren't for the
>various megalomaniacal villains they probably wouldn't need as many

This the reason that I ask you, does old MegaKat has a Megalomaniacal
villain? what is the reason that the Enforcer was created?

>Of course Pumadyne would then go out of business after
>losing all those replacement chopper contracts :)

Hey chance! this maybe the reason on why the Enforcer losses all their
surplus weapon in your story.

>>Who clean up the mess after all of the events is gone?
>I dunno, but it's faster than around here.

MegaKat city seem to be have a fast city cleaning people.


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