Re: Dead SwatKats.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 23:02:12 +0700

>If they die of old age?!?

Could it be that they do one more fight to the death in their old age? and
die in the battle before they die in their old age.

>Will they train their replacements?

This is a question on everybody mind, will the SwatKats be replace if they
die? It have to happen, or MegaKat city will surely be doom (Or MegaKat
city people will be running around in a Marathon to destruction).

>give their equipment to the Enforcer or just cover it with a cloth?

I think that they will cover it with cloth (The Enforcer may throw away all
of the SwatKats equipment if they found it.), or could it be that they uses
all of their equipment in their last battle?

>leave the keys and instruction manual on the
>floor and wait for someone to find them?

Probaly somewhere in the future, a future Sinnian look a like will find the
secret HQ of the SwatKats. And decided to give the information to the Mayor
so that the SwatKats can be revived in futuristic fashion (This is the
reason why I ask you to put our fav characters in a futuristic costume.).


Hi, want to hear more of my fanfic about after the SwatKats die? I already
have a special squadron waiting in the future, they just needed the go
signal to scramble.

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