Re: SwatKats identity.

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Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 22:06:16 -0500

(Most of those little > things deleted because they were annoying me, just
like Ted)

>Depends. In some cultures, Jake and Chance are the epitome of
>anti-establishment, and therefore instant heroes.

>In which cultures does this happen?

>Any major city in the US.

>Does every major city in the US is really look like MegaKat?

_Look_ like Megakat, no.
>Aside from the villainry, MegaKat City seems fairly law-abiding

>Boring, as in predictable, can be good.
>Does this mean that they always stop at every red light? I began to wonder
>why do the Enforcer ever created in the first place.
>And while the citizens of our cities may not be as law-abiding,
>at least we don't have aluminum showers (falling choppers) at
>annoyingly frequent intervals :).
>Who clean up the mess after all of the events is gone?

human counterparts of Burke and Murray!



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