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Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 23:08:43 +0700

>To me, I think Callie would be of an age roughly between the two Kat guys

Yes, but it seems that their age is depend who is guessing them. ;-)

>(most of us seem to agree that T-Bone is older than Razor).

No argument here. :-)

>>Magic ? Hmmm......, cartoon magic perhaps ? Is it the same magic that make
>>the TurboKat could load all the SwatKats mini vehicle ?
>Heh. Those are questions we've learned not to ask! "Cartoon Physics" is a
>couple of words that should *never* be seen together <insert evil smiley here>.

Hmmm...Ok, everything can happen on SwatKats as long it looks cool, am I
right ? :-)

>>Just saw "Mutation City" today, and she looks great on those suit, it's too
>>bad that the episode doesn't include more Callie. :-(
>I think I recall someone telling me that Callie was consciously utilized
>less in the
>second season than she was the first - in order to give Felina a chance in the
>spotlight. Felina was actually conceived before the first ep of the
>program was
>even filmed, but her appearance was "postponed" in favour of Callie Briggs
>for the first season.

Yes, it isn't going to be fair for Felina if Callie stole all the audience
attention. (BTW I read somewhere that Felina was originaly supposed to be
SwatKats contacts, but after some disscusion the job was given to Callie,
am I right ?)

>>Then the name of her past counterpart must be Callista, and are the Briggs
>>is with two "g"s or one "g" ?
>Two "g"'s - always! I wonder what the deal was with the significance of
>"MegaLITH City" was in "Bride of the Pastmaster"? It always seemed rather
>a strange choice to me.

Maybe they needed a city to replace MegaKat city places.

>>How does she get the SwatKats communicator ?
>It isn't shown anywhere that I can recall, but the Kat guys gave Callie the
>communicator before we see them in any episodes. Strangely, "Razor" is
>played by the same voice-actor that does "Donatello" in the Ninja Turtles
>cartoon - with *that* character giving a communicator to April O'Neil in
>much the same fashion as Razor must have to Callie. Barry Gordon must
>really like being cast as a gadget-whiz with a penchant for giving away his
>toys to lovely ladies!

Maybe it's a new Radical way to get a date if you ask me. :-) (I was a bit
suprised when I saw Callie using her communicator, the TMNT and SwatKats
communicator paralel are too big to go unnoticed)

>>Are Konway got more part besides "Mutation City" ? It's seems that he just
>>play a little part in "Mutation City".
>The bragging rights actually belong to the lists' own Doctor Conway, on which
>"Doc Konway" was directly modelled, but the character does not appear in any
>other episodes or unused scripts that I'm aware of. Our Doc Conway wrote a
>great fan-letter to the show early on in the run, and the Tremblay Bros wrote
>back and turned him in to a character (and sent him a drawing!) for "Mutation
>City" (which was itself an idea of the Tremblays). One of the other list gang
>was offered "character" status, but the series was nixed before he could take
>'em up on it.

Do you mean that Doc Konway was modeled after a real person ? and he's on
this list ? Sorry Conway but I'm new on this list, so that mean I don't
know about you and this transformation.

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