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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 23:08:50 +0700

>>No, I think that it's probally "Deadly Pyramid" and "The Metalikats"
>Deadly Pyramid it is. I was thinking of the Pastmaster's flashbacks
>to Callista.

Her glasses also fall too in "The Metalikats", they fall when the
Metalikats throw her at the wall, she put it back on when the Metalikats is
busy with the "Mayor".

>I haven't seen all the eps yet. So sue me :-)

Me either, I have only seen 9 episode of the SwatKats.

>>.>And there has to be something to keep them on, since as you well know her
>>ears are farther up on her head >(a much nicer arrangement I
>>might add :-) ) and the temple pieces pass below rather than over her
>>Maybe an upside down human glasses will work for her too, with a little
>>modification of course. :-)
>That won't work, because gravity would still tend to pull them

Yes, you maybe right, her ears are too far to the top anyway.

>>>Perhaps it's springiness in them.
>>Of course it have to be a strong spring to clam on her head, and a strong
>>spring aren't comfortable to wear unless you have a thick hair (Of course
>>that isn't really a big problem :-) ).
>That's probably it. I had thought that kats might wear glasses with
>straps, like goggles, but when Callie dropped her glasses that
>stopped working.

Yes, that maybe the best logical solution, maybe her glasses work just
like Geordi "ST:TNG" La Forge visor.

>>Excuse me, but what is a "menaced" ? sorry about that, but my english
>>aren't that good.
>Menaced = threatened, imperiled, placed in danger, that sort of
>thing. About to have bad things happen to :)

Oh, if I may put in another way, she always get in trouble everywhere
expect in her home, am I right ? (Home is the best shelter you can get, and
in Callie case, it's TRUE !)


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