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>>To me, I think Callie would be of an age roughly between the two Kat guys
>Yes, but it seems that their age is depend who is guessing them. ;-)

Heh! Good point...I'm 30 myself, but a fairly good guesser for the most part.

>Hmmm...Ok, everything can happen on SwatKats as long it looks cool, am I
>right ? :-)

Bingo!!! Actually, this came up during a concept session for "Caverns of Horror". See,
initially the show was going to be the first Kats two-parter before it was "revised" by
the executive types. Christian Tremblay and his brother worked out a neat scene of
the T-Bone flying the Turbokat through the caverns weaving in and out of the
stalactites etc. before the execs said " could never fly a jet down there", two
which Christain said something like "yeah, but it _looks_ cool...". The early version of
"Caverns" had Razor and T-Bone camping overnight underground at the point where
they were unable to fly the TurboKat any further due to the lack of maneuvering room.
The next day they were to proceed on the cycles or something, but would've been
attacked in the middle of the night by some kind of nasties. One scene kinda remains
though: when the Monster-du-jour attaches itself to the canopy of the Turbokat, I think
they do some kind of "Speed of Heat" move to nix it. In the original storyboard for that
same scene, the creepy breaks through the cockpit perspex above Razor, and Razor
fires the Glovatrix at short range into it's mouth with the exclamation "Eat This!". Too
bad it got blitzed - that scene would've been cool, but Mark Lungo probably would've
given it a "D" as a direct result!

>Yes, it isn't going to be fair for Felina if Callie stole all the audience
>attention. (BTW I read somewhere that Felina was originaly supposed to be
>SwatKats contacts, but after some disscusion the job was given to Callie,
>am I right ?)

In the first part of the "Animato!" article, there is written something similar to what's
said here. Callie/Felina was first envisioned as a "Policewoman"...but then again, T-Bone
was nearly called "Doomsday"!

>Do you mean that Doc Konway was modeled after a real person ? and he's on
>this list ? Sorry Conway but I'm new on this list, so that mean I don't
>know about you and this transformation.

I was kinda hoping he'd jump in himself, but allow me to be Mr. Exposition. The guy who
"Doc Konway" is modelled after is Dr. Samuel Conway, and yes, he's a member of the list
(though apparently rather wrapped up in a Mime class or something lately). I think my
favourite quote of his is something along the lines of "bring on the Giant Monsters! More
Monsters!". Must be a Godzilla fan too.

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