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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 21:53:21 -0800

>Actually, the deputy mayor does all the work, while the mayor gets
>all the credit.

Sorta the working model for the entire Turner Organization...

>Callie will have the job, but only until the next election. She's a
>hard worker, and does a great job of keeping things running, but
>she's clearly no politician, and wouldn't stand a chance of getting
>elected. Sad but true.

Callie's cool for delivering lines like the one she zinged at Rexx Shard after his

"What's the matter? I thought Diamonds were a Girl's Best Friend!" line.

Her reply:

"I don't like the setting!"

Heh. She's direct, doesn't sugar-coat everything, but is unmistakably honest and
forthright as a result. Politicians have to do a lot of handshakes and baby-kissing;
neither of which is up Callie's particular street...that's what Manx is there for.
I'm sure that their particular "understanding" is mimicked in thousands of City Halls across
the world.

>Manx is at once a politician and a parody of a politician. That's
>why the character works so well. Yet another stroke of genius.

Yup. Callie is one of the "behind the scenes people" that pull the strings which make
things happen. Manx is just the puppet on stage; he's all you see, but doesn't really
control his own destiny to any degree!

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