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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 08:05:42 -0800

Just reminding everyone that the window on the draw for the Tremblays artwork closes
in a couple days, so you might want to put off your procrastinating for another day if
you haven't already sent in your postcard/whatever. See the sig at the bottom of this
for address information.

Oh yeah, for general information. If you were ever tempted to send a fan-letter off
to the Bros., that address will work for that too up until about the sixth or seventh
of December. You may or may not get a reply because they're swamped with the
new stuff they're doing for Film Roman. Anyways, they always welcome Katmail (and
Hanna-Barbera no longer forwards whatever they get).

SwatKats fans: Series' creators holding free Draw for Original Art! Send a
postcard (or even an empty envelope) with your name and return address to:
SWATKATS DRAW, 15460 Sherman Way #1-310, Van Nuys CA,
USA 91406. (Draw closes Dec. 1st, 1995. BIGSIG copyright Ricky Foltz)

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