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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 95 12:15:52 EST

>>> The SWAT Kats were agape at the sight of the revealed
>> Dark Kat. It had all been a ruse, a mask all along. He
>> had never intended to allow them to survive. The creased
>> face bore down on them. His silver hair was slightly
>> disheveled from the conflict. His mouth was a big, toothy
>> grin as he spoke with a southern drawl. "You don't seem
>> to understand! Accept the facts! Both Jane and I prefer
>> Jonny Quest anyway!"
>hehehehehhhe...right on. After I got the rundown on that "Jonny Quest and the
>Extra Crispy Bugs" or whatever, it would appear that Atlanta is seriously short
>of clues this year. I wonder if any of the execs at TCN/HB/Fonda-com would
>be able to look anyone in the eye and tell them that a Kat-feature aired on TNT
>in a similar manner to the forgettable Jonny outing *WOULDN'T* do well. Then
>again, you don't get to be head of such an empire without being a damn good liar.

But, but, but it's not the same. "Jonny Quest and the Silly Insects"
is supposed to be the last gasp of the "old" Jonny Quest. Tedco's
upcoming "hit series" is supposed to be the "new" Jonny Quest.

Personally I'd rather spend my time haranguing my cable company to
get TCN so I can watch the Kats, so I won't waste my time on any of
this Quest-ionable material. Hell, I hated it when I was a kid.

Ed Rudnicki
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