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>>She's probably about the same age as T-Bone and Razor, i.e., late 20's.
>Yes, now I think that her age maybe even closer to T-Bone and Razor, but if
>I may judged her age by her personalities, I think that she may be a little
>bit older than them.

To me, I think Callie would be of an age roughly between the two Kat guys (most
of us seem to agree that T-Bone is older than Razor).

>Magic ? Hmmm......, cartoon magic perhaps ? Is it the same magic that make
>the TurboKat could load all the SwatKats mini vehicle ?

Heh. Those are questions we've learned not to ask! "Cartoon Physics" is a
couple of words that should *never* be seen together <insert evil smiley here>.

>Just saw "Mutation City" today, and she looks great on those suit, it's too
>bad that the episode doesn't include more Callie. :-(

I think I recall someone telling me that Callie was consciously utilized less in the
second season than she was the first - in order to give Felina a chance in the
spotlight. Felina was actually conceived before the first ep of the program was
even filmed, but her appearance was "postponed" in favour of Callie Briggs
for the first season.

>>Her full name is Calico Briggs. So I assume "Callie" is the correct
>>spelling (and that's how it's spelled on the model sheets).
>Then the name of her past counterpart must be Callista, and are the Briggs
>is with two "g"s or one "g" ?

Two "g"'s - always! I wonder what the deal was with the significance of
"MegaLITH City" was in "Bride of the Pastmaster"? It always seemed rather
a strange choice to me.

>How does she get the SwatKats communicator ?

It isn't shown anywhere that I can recall, but the Kat guys gave Callie the
communicator before we see them in any episodes. Strangely, "Razor" is
played by the same voice-actor that does "Donatello" in the Ninja Turtles
cartoon - with *that* character giving a communicator to April O'Neil in
much the same fashion as Razor must have to Callie. Barry Gordon must
really like being cast as a gadget-whiz with a penchant for giving away his
toys to lovely ladies!

>>>BTW is there more character in the good guys side ?

>Are Konway got more part besides "Mutation City" ? It's seems that he just
>play a little part in "Mutation City".

The bragging rights actually belong to the lists' own Doctor Conway, on which
"Doc Konway" was directly modelled, but the character does not appear in any
other episodes or unused scripts that I'm aware of. Our Doc Conway wrote a
great fan-letter to the show early on in the run, and the Tremblay Bros wrote
back and turned him in to a character (and sent him a drawing!) for "Mutation
City" (which was itself an idea of the Tremblays). One of the other list gang
was offered "character" status, but the series was nixed before he could take
'em up on it.

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