Re: Question about the Deputy Mayor

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 00:18:35 +0700

>>How old is she ? IMHO I personaly think that she are much older than Razor
>>or T-Bone.
>She's probably about the same age as T-Bone and Razor, i.e., late 20's.

Yes, now I think that her age maybe even closer to T-Bone and Razor, but if
I may judged her age by her personalities, I think that she may be a little
bit older than them.

>>How does she keep her glasses from falling ? Are they glued ? or her hair
>>is so thick that glasses just stick there ?
>Magic. :-)

Magic ? Hmmm......, cartoon magic perhaps ? Is it the same magic that make
the TurboKat could load all the SwatKats mini vehicle ?

>>Does she always wear the same dress in every episode ? The only other dress
>>I saw is the one that her past counterpart wear.
>She wore a jogging suit in "Mutation City,"

Just saw "Mutation City" today, and she looks great on those suit, it's too
bad that the episode doesn't include more Callie. :-(

>but apart from that she wore only the business suit.

Maybe she give her best look on a business suit. ;-)

>A pity; she'd probably look cute in a bikini. ;-)

I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one who also think of that :-), BTW
the only episode that I saw a beach is "When strikes Mutilor", maybe Callie
doesn't like water. :-)

>Her full name is Calico Briggs. So I assume "Callie" is the correct
>spelling (and that's how it's spelled on the model sheets).

Then the name of her past counterpart must be Callista, and are the Briggs
is with two "g"s or one "g" ?

>>Does she has home ? I only saw her at city hall.
>She lives at City Hall. Being Deputy Major is her life.

How many kats that actualy lives inside city hall ? and how does she meet Manx ?

>That, and getting rescued by T-Bone and Razor. ;-)

How does she get the SwatKats communicator ?

>>BTW is there more character in the good guys side ?
>Um. Nope. That's pretty much all of them. Except for Doctor Konway, and
>who could forget him? :-)

Are Konway got more part besides "Mutation City" ? It's seems that he just
play a little part in "Mutation City".


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