Re: Question about the Deputy Mayor

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 00:18:40 +0700

>Tim Fay:
>>>How does she keep her glasses from falling ? Are they glued ? or her hair
>>>is so thick that glasses just stick there ?
>Well, they have fallen off at least once ("Bride of the Pastmaster" I think)

No, I think that it's probally "Deadly Pyramid" and "The Metalikats"
episodes, that's the only two episodes I saw Callie dropped her glass
accidently, "The Bride of Pastmaster" doesn't show any Callie at all.

.>And there has to be something to keep them on, since as you well know her
ears are farther up on her head >(a much nicer arrangement I
might add :-) ) and the temple pieces pass below rather than over her

Maybe an upside down human glasses will work for her too, with a little
modification of course. :-)

>Perhaps it's springiness in them.

Of course it have to be a strong spring to clam on her head, and a strong
spring aren't comfortable to wear unless you have a thick hair (Of course
that isn't really a big problem :-) ).

>OTOH she _does_ have such wonderfully thick hair :-)

Well, she has a nice long tail too. :-)

>>Does she has home ? I only saw her at city hall.
>Well, there are indications she lives elsewhere, as she's not always
>menaced when at City Hall. Often she's menaced while driving :-)

Excuse me, but what is a "menaced" ? sorry about that, but my english
aren't that good.

>>BTW is there more character in the good guys side.
>Well, doesn't Ann Gora have a more-or-less regular kameraman, or is that

Let's we just call him the camera guy, and are one of Ann camere guy ever
did something out of the ordinary ?


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