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OK, I removed a bunch of the ">" thingys

>Does she has home ? I only saw her at city hall.
>Outside "business hours", she hasn't been seen anywhere other than City
>Hall (to my recollection). She *must* sleep somewhere - the car is too
>cramped, and the Garage is off-limits because it's a family show.
>So does it means that Callie house will remain one of SwatKats mysteries?
>Just like her glasses?

In "Origin of Dr. Viper" she went to visit MegaKat Biochemical on Saturday
("Saturday's usually my day to sleep in.") and showed up wearing a jogging
outfit--or were those pajamas? :)
In "Mutation City" we kinda see where Manx lives (well, you see the bathroom
anyway). You could probablly guess that Manx lives in an apartment hi-rise
(note the windows in the background when the camera angle's looking down on
him--there's no ground outside). Also, Callie is wearing the jogging outfit
again and is on her way to Enforcer headquarters. (hmm..)

>Well, doesn't Ann Gora have a more-or-less regular kameraman, or is
>that kamera-kat?
>Yep. Her regular Kamera-Kat is named "Rob", I think.

In "Caverns of Horror" Annie called him "Johnny". "Rob" may be the name of
the Kats Eye News chopper pilot. I seem to remember her talking to him, but
I can't remember the ep. Annie asked him to get closer to the action and he
said something like, "..after what <???> did to those Enforcer choppers?!
No way!" I'll have to go through my tapes.

>Lt. Steel inhabits a rather grey area as regards good kat/bad kat status.
>He _could_ be a cool character if he wasn't such a ambitious sod -
>I think that Steel maybe just fall in the same catagory as Manx, likeable
>but never going to mount to anything.

Seems to me that he's one notch below Feral. Feral outwardly dislikes the
guys 'cause they always make him look bad (and how would it look for the
Enforcer Commander to endorse a couple of vigilantes?) But inwardly, he
likes what they're doing (it's rather obvious.) However, Steele shows his
dislike of the guys to play on Feral's conscience and promote his own
career. Steele doesn't show *any* good feelings towards the guys.

hmm.. someday I'm gonna have to make the "Definitive Kats Compendium".

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