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>Hanna-Barbera sunk something like 10 million of Ted's bucks into "SwatKats",
>which is why cancellation after a handful of eps seems ludicrous. TCN is going
>to need some more ac/adv to air shortly, and you can only run the
>just so many times before it gets stale.

i.e. The non-stop re-running of the "Johnny Quest & the Cyber Insects" crap
on TNT. Ted, I couldn't watch it all the way through the first time. Why
would you want to keep showing it ad infinitum? Maybe if you put some Swat
Kats on TNT instead...

>I think the only thing stopping Turnerco from refuelling the Turbokat at the
>moment is cash. Ted realizes that he can get far more minutes of animation for
>his dollar by sinking it all in to the most Ruby-Spears-ish of the World
>Toons/What a Cartoon! outings, and could more than likely get ten/fifteen of
>these 7-minuters as opposed to one 22 minute ep of the Kats. Kinda false

Yeah, the only thing stopping him is cash... and a kick in the pants! Ahem.
Ted, there's an old saying, "You get what you pay for." The fans certainly
recognize the difference in quality & content between stuff like WPT and SK.
I don't understand why you can't.

>are Kat-fans, and both think the cancel order seems a bit silly. Maybe now
>WB is entering the picture, something will move in a positive direction.
H-B sure
>needs one of those.

Well, I wouldn't count on WB getting into the picture anytime soon (unless
you've heard otherwise Chance.) I'm sure that H-B is the _least_ of WB's
worries at the moment. I'd think they'd focus all their energy on other
projects, especially since WB has their own network and Toons to think about.

<whew!> I've been lurking too much again!
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