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Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 07:46:09 -0800

>Hello, I'm new! Funny, I've spent a full year on the Swat Kats Fan Club on
>Prodigy and didn't even KNOW about this mailing list.

Yeah, for some reason Kyle Cummings and Dr. Cat don't join us for fun, thrills
and totally irrelevent monologues. Their loss - heck, we've even had all our shots.

>Anyway, have you guys already talked about the Swat Kats Video Game for
>SNES? Does anybody have any codes? (If so, I'll have to rent it again. I
>can't find it for sale *anywhere* around here.)

Try the usual culprits for purchasing the game - up in Canada we've got the thing
only at Toys R Us so far (at 74.99 Canadian - MEOW!) - but these things are
SUPPOSED to be in the 'States at Target and whatever stores you guys have
that begin with some random consonant and end with "-Mart".

>PS- I put in the address for this list on the BB, so we might get some new

Cool. Could you also broadcast the Artwork Draw info to P* katfans? I asked
Kyle Cummings, but haven't heard anything back yet.

Codes? Hmmm....haven't played the thing myself, but a couple of us have probably
worn out their first copy by now - how 'bout it SNES fans?
SwatKats fans: Series' creators holding free Draw for Original Art! Send a
postcard (or even an empty envelope) with your name and return address to:
SWATKATS DRAW, 15460 Sherman Way #1-310, Van Nuys CA,
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