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From: David Minter <>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 23:37:23 -0600


> Yep! I write games for Acorn machines (which no-one's ever heard of!), and
>I'm just starting to fiddle about with PC games. I haven't actually seen the
>"official" game (what format is it on? If it's for the SNES, then I should at
>least be able to play it at some point), but the idea of an unofficial one is
>interesting... I dunno how whoever wrote the official one would react
>though - after all, they *paid* for the license (I assume).

     The only video games to my knowledge are the Hudson Soft Super NES game
and a hand held game seen at Kay-Bee that I've only heard about here. I
don't think Hudson would mind since the game hasn't, sadly, set any records
in sales for the company. But, Turner probably would since he just wants to
get his hands around the Kats' and our throats and strangle the fans with
his silly actions!

>1) How do you control 2 characters at once? The best solution would probably
>be to have the other character use some form of AI system, but it would have
>to be damn good to get the right atmosphere.

     Well, not necessarily two characters at once, but how about an idea I
had while playing the SNES game. There, tou can choose to enter a stage as
T-Bone or Razor, but you must finish the stage or die to change Kats. I
think being able to switch between them in a stage to complete that stage's
particular traps would be nice. In the SNES game, there are parts that only
one of the particular Kats can reach ( Razor with a jet-pack and T-Bone with
a bazooka ). This I think would add a strategy element to the game.

>Well... That was a ridiculously long first message, but I hope at least some
>of it makes sense!

     Well, you've probably written more than I have lurking about this
listserv. :> But then, I rarely speak unless spoken to anyway...

     David Minter
     ( What an original signature! )

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