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Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 14:28:51 -0500 (EST)

Actually, since I got a good report card, I can now rent the SK game and
a Super
Wed, 8 Nov 1995 wrote:

> I haven't been on this list long, but when I saw this I thought prehaps now
> was as good a time as any to stop lurking...
> ARTHUR JOHN FREDA <> wrote :
> > Any Computer Programmers out there? If so, maybe we could all
> >pitch in ideas for a non-official SK computer game. My parents really
> >don't like me renting the machines and the SK game, but if it was on
> >disks or CD-ROM or something, they would probably let me. One of my ideas
> >for it is flying in the TurboKat and getting to switch between Razor and
> >T-Bone.
> Yep! I write games for Acorn machines (which no-one's ever heard of!), and
> I'm just starting to fiddle about with PC games. I haven't actually seen the
> "official" game (what format is it on? If it's for the SNES, then I should at
> least be able to play it at some point), but the idea of an unofficial one is
> interesting... I dunno how whoever wrote the official one would react
> though - after all, they *paid* for the license (I assume).
> I think it would be nice to do the game in 3D, looking a bit like
> StarFighter 3000 (another Acorn game, being ported to the 3D0,PC,Playstation,
> ect.) with a huge polygon city to fly around, along with some of the outside
> areas, such as the canyons. There could be a series of missions based on
> individual episodes, with the landscape altering to suit - The (damn can't
> remember the name) episode with Rex Shard in it would be a great excuse to
> put in an entirely crystal level with nice effects like in Donkey Kong
> (glittering crystals with light shining through then and creating rainboms of
> colour).
> The Cyclotron and the speedboat (does it have a name) could be incorperated
> too, adding vareity to the game. You would start each mission in the
> TurboKat, but could launch the Cyclotron or land back at the hanger to get
> the boat. A 1st person walking-around-the-city view would also be nice,
> allowing you to explore buildings and so on (although this could make the
> game world unbelievably difficult to design :-( ).
> A couple of immediately obvious problems, though :
> 1) How do you control 2 characters at once? The best solution would probably
> be to have the other character use some form of AI system, but it would have
> to be damn good to get the right atmosphere.
> 2) The 3D engine would have to be very fast to cope with the sort of speeds
> needed to keep the gameplay fluid enough.
> Anyway, a very nice idea - If only we could persuade someone to give us a
> free license... (I wonder - Does the company who have done this other game
> have the console license only, or a license for computer versions, too?)
> Well... That was a ridiculously long first message, but I hope at least some
> of it makes sense!
> Seeya!
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