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Date: Tue, 7 Nov 1995 22:42:55 -0800

> I haven't been on this list long, but when I saw this I thought prehaps now
>was as good a time as any to stop lurking...

Too bad it isn't contagious...

> Yep! I write games for Acorn machines (which no-one's ever heard of!), and
>I'm just starting to fiddle about with PC games. I haven't actually seen the
>"official" game (what format is it on? If it's for the SNES, then I should at
>least be able to play it at some point), but the idea of an unofficial one is
>interesting... I dunno how whoever wrote the official one would react
>though - after all, they *paid* for the license (I assume).

The current game is written for the SNES, and should be available in the
UK - I mean, even Canada has it in Toys R Us (for 74.99 though...ouch). If you
go visit, you'll find some screen grabs of various scenes in the game
courtesy of Brad Clark. I think they're titled "KATSNES1" through 7.
individual episodes, with the landscape altering to suit - The (damn can't
>remember the name) episode with Rex Shard in it would be a great excuse to
>put in an entirely crystal level with nice effects like in Donkey Kong
>(glittering crystals with light shining through then and creating rainboms of

"Chaos in Crystal" is the Shard ep. I'd like to see the first level be the "simulator"
thing outlined by Kats writer Lance Falk in that "Cold War" script I typed in - you
know, with appearances by all the villains from the first 13 eps. It'd give folks
unfamiliar with the show a preview of coming attractions on higher levels.

1) How do you control 2 characters at once? The best solution would probably
>be to have the other character use some form of AI system, but it would have
>to be damn good to get the right atmosphere.

This would be cool, but would be a heckuva program on its own. Razor or
T-Bone's moves (whichever is the AI character - i.e. not run by the player) would
have to be based on a stunning array of variables. I can't think of a game I'd
rather play though.

>Anyway, a very nice idea - If only we could persuade someone to give us a
>free license... (I wonder - Does the company who have done this other game
>have the console license only, or a license for computer versions, too?)

As far as I know, the licensee, HudsonSoft, has only thought far enough ahead
to produce the SNES version (which itself was _horrendously_ late).

>Well... That was a ridiculously long first message, but I hope at least some
>of it makes sense!

Heck, if it made sense, you'd be in the wrong list...

 "Sorry for's just that you looked so much like the 'Cheshire Cat' for a
  minute there, and I was rather hoping bits of you would begin to disappear.."

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