Re: Copyrights?

From: chance <>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 1995 23:01:30 -0800

>Ben's response about the video game made me think. I know it is technically
>"illegal" to use any Kats images, etc. for personal profit without licensing
>from TPS, HB, yadda yadda. And I know that you can't really get into _big_
>trouble by doing some personal artwork, stories, etc. & sending it to some
>friends. So, as long as whatever you're doing is non-profit and just for
>friends, could you get into hot water by having T-shirts or mouse pads
>printed and distributed "at-cost" to a few people?

I think Tim Fay knows more about this end of things than I, but from what I know,
making tapes of the show for friends at no charge won't get your whiskers pulled
or your claws removed, but selling such things would. I think the T-Shirts
could conceivably also fall within this category. Copyrighted artwork is a bit
of a bitch though...the extent to which people who do this kind of stuff are hunted down
and exterminated varies greatly with the organization.

Still, I want my Kats Tee - so Teddy can get stuffed.
 "Sorry for's just that you looked so much like the 'Cheshire Cat' for a
  minute there, and I was rather hoping bits of you would begin to disappear.."

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