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At 12:05 AM 11/8/95 GMT, you wrote:
> I haven't been on this list long, but when I saw this I thought prehaps now
>was as good a time as any to stop lurking...

>I haven't actually seen the "official" game (what format is it on?

It's available for SNES only (as far as I know) and is written/distributed
by HudsonSoft. I've seen it available in some local places according to
their software list, but havn't seen the actual game yet.

> I think it would be nice to do the game in 3D, looking a bit like

Do you mean like first-person 3D (Doom-esque) or the parallax scrolling type,
or both in the same game. For instance, use the TurboKat in the parallax
scrolling type portion in a "Defender" or "1942" clone, then switch to 1st
person when doing paw-to-paw combat.

> The Cyclotron and the speedboat (does it have a name) could be incorperated

Very cool. And don't forget about the Thunder Truck (?)

> A couple of immediately obvious problems, though :
>1) How do you control 2 characters at once? The best solution would probably
>be to have the other character use some form of AI system, but it would have
>to be damn good to get the right atmosphere.

How 'bout 2 player via modem/network?

>Anyway, a very nice idea - If only we could persuade someone to give us a
>free license... (I wonder - Does the company who have done this other game
>have the console license only, or a license for computer versions, too?)

Hmm.. This brings up an interesting point. Since Turner seems to want
nothing to do with Kats anymore and it's become kinda Taboo around TPS,
why would he really care?

>Well... That was a ridiculously long first message, but I hope at least some
>of it makes sense!

Hope to see more of your messages! Don't be such a stranger, er, lurker! <G>

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