Re: Odd Circumstances, part 2

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>Megakat City, 20083
>Celia Werekat looked up from her book. Where her three youngest had been
>playing thirty minetes ago, nobody stood. On no. Not again! Hurrying to the
>kitchen, she found the oldest tinkering with the toaster. "Tim, where are
>the triplets?" she asked, dreading the answer. Tim shrugged. "Testing
>something. Why?" Celia paled. "They're gone again." Tim snapped his head up
>and followed his nearly-running mother. The LAST time those three had
>vanished, they had come back chased by a Megasauras Rex. They managed to
>send it back, but there was nothing they could do about the giant footstep
>it had left on their lawn. Not again!

Um, I can't speak for fifty people, but I *like* this! Please post it to a.t.s.k. as

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