Odd Circumstances, part 2

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Part 2
Eveyrone gasped at the disappearing act the girl did. What a day! First
there was the normal humdrum of an ordinary day,then the blinding flash, the
kitten trio, and the youngest's vanishment. From behind them a throat was
cleared. All turned to see the kitten Flute seated on the hood of Callie's
car. She cocked her head to one side and looked innocently at them. "Is
there something wrong?" She asked sweetly.

Two hours, one yelling match with Amber, and three headaches later, all
three of the Werekat kittens sat in the lobby of Enforcer headquarters.
Flute looked indiginant, Amber looked tired, and Jinx looked bored.
Leiutanant Westly Dropclaw was trying to get answers out of them, only to
recive obscure ones if they did. If, like they claimed, they were born in
the late 20070's, they wouldn't even have been born yet! Yet they stubbornly
stuck to their story of when they were born. Westly had served the Enforcers
for twnety years, and should have been retired already. But he was still at
it, and going strong. The threesome, however wouldn't co-operate and sit
still. The two elders ran around and poked into private stuff, and little
Flute sat with her arms crossed and gave poor Westly the most obscure
answers she could think of. Felina returned, carrying some papers. For a few
minetes, they confurred, ignoring the kittens. Flute got her birthday
present from her mother: a tiny super-computer with built-in modem. The tiny
creature hooked herself up and began to find out as much as possible about
the past they had been thrown into.

Megakat City, 20083
Celia Werekat looked up from her book. Where her three youngest had been
playing thirty minetes ago, nobody stood. On no. Not again! Hurrying to the
kitchen, she found the oldest tinkering with the toaster. "Tim, where are
the triplets?" she asked, dreading the answer. Tim shrugged. "Testing
something. Why?" Celia paled. "They're gone again." Tim snapped his head up
and followed his nearly-running mother. The LAST time those three had
vanished, they had come back chased by a Megasauras Rex. They managed to
send it back, but there was nothing they could do about the giant footstep
it had left on their lawn. Not again!

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