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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 07:49:09 -0800

>Here's my story...

>When they arrive, they find Ted Turner (A giant TEDdy bear) destroying
>the city. Razor gets a lock on him, and fires an Octopus missle. Ted
>grabs the missle and flings it back at the jet. T-Bone just barely dodges
>it. Razor tries to unsew Ted and fires pincer missles. The missles rip
>Ted to shreds. Then suddenly, he puts himself back together!

Gee. Thanks a bunch. Now you've given me a set of visuals that's likely to
cause nightmares from now until my second childhood (and since the first one
shows no signs of waning, shouldn't be for quite a while!)

(I kind of picture this giant Frankenstein-ish Teddy the Bear atop the Empire
 State Building (along the lines of "King Kong") swatting at the 'Katguys in the
 Turbokat (in place of the biplanes). I really have to cut down on the Scotch..)
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