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At 11:39 AM 10/28/95 -0700, you wrote:
>H-B doesn't really know _what_ to do. The last thing I heard out of there
>I got taken off the Christmas-card list was that the WPT "Shake and Flick" was
>about to become H-B's next series. Um, yeah. I'm still waiting for Buzz
>to answer a few things, he might have some suggestions for pissed off fans.

"Shake and Flick"!!?!? You've got to be kidding!

>That'll work - though the Sonic fans have been doing much the same thing -
just not
>as loudly. Letter writing is the only way that H-B/Turnerco will hear any
of us - they're
>not watching any newsgroups save for rec.arts.animation, and have avoided
>_anything_ from since the last witch-hunt finished. The fact
>hasn't had anything but Spam in it for weeks probably hasn't helped their
perception of
>the number of Kat-fans that actually _do_ exist either...maybe those of us
doing fanfic
>would like to post it to a.t.s.k. as well?

Sounds like a good idea. Maybe we should cross-post everything from the
mail-list to
the newsgroup (sans some of the more "non-public" info). Unfortunately,
there's not
much that can be done about the spam. A lot of newsgroups are getting hit
with it.

I read an interesting article in the latest TV Guide. An interview with
Steven Spielberg.
One particular question goes like this:

TVG: A lot of kids' shows are criticized for being nothing more than
half-hour commercials
for toys. How do you separate yourself from producers who are in it just
for that?

S.S.: Tiny Toons, Freakazoid!, and Animaniacs were obviously never intended
to sell
merchandise because we have not put out a lot of merchandise, other than
T-shirts and
cups. Believe me, it's not beneath me at all. I mean, if there were a
really great
adventure show with superheroes and vehicles and weapons out there that I
could get
my chops around, I would merchandise the heck out of it. But I'm not really
in the adventure game genre as much as I'm interested in social humor.

Hmm.. maybe we need to get Steven's email address!


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