Re: THAT"S IT!!!!!

From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 12:24:11 -0500

>Maybe Ted Turner won....I mean he's the only one who can put the show
>back on.
Here's a phrase for ya "Rome wasn't built in a day" (whatever that means. :> )
Anyway, that's the sorta attitude that kills people. Keep positive. If ya
can't, ya might die early. Anyway, YOU can give up, but I'm staying until
they DRAG me away!!!!!!!!

>What is there left to do?
Act like parasites and keep bugging him like a little kid who wants
something REAL REAL bad. :)

>He knows that there are fans out there.
Are you sure?

P.S. Hope this gets through
It got through, alright. Are you trying to make us depressed or something?
:) :) :)

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