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Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 11:39:02 -0700

>Here's a phrase for ya "Rome wasn't built in a day" (whatever that means. :> )
>Anyway, that's the sorta attitude that kills people. Keep positive. If ya
>can't, ya might die early. Anyway, YOU can give up, but I'm staying until
>they DRAG me away!!!!!!!!

H-B doesn't really know _what_ to do. The last thing I heard out of there before
I got taken off the Christmas-card list was that the WPT "Shake and Flick" was
about to become H-B's next series. Um, yeah. I'm still waiting for Buzz Potamkin
to answer a few things, he might have some suggestions for pissed off fans. Also, I
couldn't get the Tremblay Bros during the day Friday, so I'll try ask them a thing or
two about Kat futures when I do eventually get them.

My fax needs a part, so those waiting for the TurboKat and Felina pics will have to
wait until next week some time - unless already has an example of each...

>>What is there left to do?
>Act like parasites and keep bugging him like a little kid who wants
>something REAL REAL bad. :)

That'll work - though the Sonic fans have been doing much the same thing - just not
as loudly. Letter writing is the only way that H-B/Turnerco will hear any of us - they're
not watching any newsgroups save for rec.arts.animation, and have avoided posting
_anything_ from since the last witch-hunt finished. The fact that
hasn't had anything but Spam in it for weeks probably hasn't helped their perception of
the number of Kat-fans that actually _do_ exist either...maybe those of us doing fanfic
would like to post it to a.t.s.k. as well?
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