RE: give up?

From: Matthew Weber <>
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 95 01:27:58 UT

Art wrote:
        I feel as though I'm the only person on the planet that likes

SWAT Kats. I feel as I should just give up on them. Maybe I should rip my

drawing of razor that looks almost exactly like razor1.gif to shreds.
I should stop making a tape of the eps. Everyone makes fun of me
for liking

Hey! Don't give up! My favorite cartoon got cancelled but I still
watch everytime it's on TV. My favorite computer (Amiga) is no longer being
made, but I still own and use one (they'll be back - you watch). And
definitely don't rip up your picture. I originally digitized that picture
and did the touch-up on it using my Amiga way back before SK was cancelled
and before there was any great discussion (that I recall seeing) about SK on
the net. I'd really like to see it when you're done!

> How do you add a
file (like a graphic file (*.GIF, *.JPG, ETC.))
>to an e-mail message.

You need to uuencode the file which will allow you to send it like a simple
ascii text file.

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