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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 1995 19:44:45 -0700

>I also still can't check out the archives because "file to large to be
>opened by Simpletext" GRRRRRRRRR....

Wow...what are you using for access? (never mind..I don't think I want to
know <grin>). Some of
the text files are too large for Windows Notepad, but you can read them in
"Write" well enough -
or Word/Word Perfect if you have access to those.

>I hate to be a bother, but this is just about the last straw. I want to get
>past the "I don't know anything" stage so I can get in on relevant
>conversation. I hate my being this way as much as the rest of you do,
>promise. So here's another plea, Can someone PLEASE tape the episodes for me,
>or kindly drop an address that I can write to to get them? Those overseas
>prices are sounding pretty good to me!!!!!

I already promised a run to David Rapp (less the ones available for sale at
Suncoast, of course), and
I have to get them out of the way before I'll help anyone else out. If I
can get hold of another VCR
I will have no problem whatsoever taping them for you for the cost of the
tapes and mailing. You'll
have to wait a bit'll be no. 3 on the list.

Anyone check out the fall ac/adv stuff yet? They killed the kats for _this_?
Not a furry effort to
be found anywhere either -- unless you count "Earthworm Jim". People
_should_ have access
to something as great as the Kats - nothing touches it for animal character

>-The ever annoying one- Niki

You figure you're annoying because you want to see the Kat-guys? Naaah. We'd
all be guilty of
that upon learning there's nothing after "Unlikely Alloys". (I think H-B
thinks I'm annoying now -
can't think why...)

>"Be careful, Feral is after your heads!"-Callie
>"So's Razor..."(rubbing head) -Chance -SwatKats-
> The Radical Squadron

Um...oh..wait! I can get it, don't tell me..."Katastrophe", Glenn Leopold,
ep 13, 1993.

That reminds me of something with this ep. Notice that it was structured to
set the audience up
for the multi-month break in new stuff that would come between season one
and two by having the
TurboKat destroyed and _all_ the major villains out of action at once? It
almost seems like a
"last episode" to me, while leaving the door open for future ones should H-B
decide. Of course, they
went to the abortive second season immediately, so that's all just so much
speculation. I liked this
ep a lot for the character dev on the part of Feral, and the writing in
general. Check out some of
the great dialogue and action stuff about the time Razor pursues the nasties
into the tunnel, and the
scenes that take place when he exits. Outstanding, IMO. The one memorable
scene from that ep
(which I'd really like a cel of) is that shot of Razor and Feral
back-to-back fighting off the various
bad guys in the Tuna factory. The only thing I didn't like was someone's
experimenting with some
overly "cartoony" actions on the part of Razor.
      "Spies uncover stuff nobody knows about. Artists do the opposite" --
"Betty", 9/20/95
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