Re: Groveling now

From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 1995 20:22:53 -0500

>Okay, okay, so I am desperate now. Big time. Our local so-called cable
>company for my school doesn't _at_#%@&* carry the Cartoon Network at all.
>I also still can't check out the archives because "file to large to be
>opened by Simpletext" GRRRRRRRRR....
>I hate to be a bother, but this is just about the last straw. I want to get
>past the "I don't know anything" stage so I can get in on relevant
>conversation. I hate my being this way as much as the rest of you do,
>promise. So here's another plea, Can someone PLEASE tape the episodes for me,
>or kindly drop an address that I can write to to get them? Those overseas
>prices are sounding pretty good to me!!!!!
>Any response that wishes to remain anonymous inhelping this fool out can
>e-mail me at
>-The ever annoying one- Niki
>"Be careful, Feral is after your heads!"-Callie
>"So's Razor..."(rubbing head) -Chance -SwatKats-
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Hi Nikki! My name is Terra. I'm just like you, I LOVE the Swat Kats. How old are
you? If you like, maybe I can help. I don't know that much about the technical
stuff, but I COULd tape a few episodes for you, if you'd really like it. :)
:) :)
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