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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 95 10:28:07 EDT

>If you *really* want to spend some money, and your cable company
>doesn't carry TCN, the best thing to do is to get an RCA DSS
>(Digital Satellite System). With the basic package you get TCN
>and about any other channel you can think of. It is also
>broadcast IN STEREO! And the picture is better than anything
>else you can receive on your TV. Believe me, I've seen demos
>and we have one at work -- it's fantastic! I'd get one myself
>if it wasn't so expensive (about $900 for the hardware &
>$40/month for programming).

Well believe it or not there is nowhere on my property I can site
the dish - too many _at_#$%^&&* trees on the south side. Tall ones too.
I'd still need cable for local channels.

Most of all, I like my video artifact-free, and MPEG1 compressed DSS
does not cut it. Besides, I like to watch TV when it rains, too :)

For $900 I'd rather buy a pile of LDs and get an even better picture

Ed Rudnicki
Oculi numquam nictarantes
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