Re: *Ahem*

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 95 19:41:14 EDT

>So.....are there any reruns going on anywhere?? At all?? I have only
>seen the ones on video (6 out of the ummm 23 was it?) and I REALLY want
>to see more. I will even go and get cable and any neccessary
>attatchments (I was going to anyway, I just haven't had time since I got
>here.) I am in the Dallas area if anyone else is aware of any showings.

It's not on TBS any more, nor is it on WPIX, an independent station
in NYC that used to show it. The only remaining option is The
Cartoon Network. Unfortunately my cable company doesn't choose to
carry that :(

One of the very odd people that Chance alluded to :)

Ed Rudnicki
Oculi numquam nictarantes
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