From: Ian Lynn <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 95 12:40:31 CDT

Just went home for lunch and residing in my maibox was an
envelope with a big ol' canadian stamp on it, and on the inside
was the Swatkat issue of Animato! (Thanks, Andy). So over lunch
I enjoyed the praises of the Swatkats in published print.
The thing that really caught my attention was two things:
1) The Animato Film Poll Thanks ad from Hanna Barbera stating that
   they received 22 various nominations for their stuff. I was left
   to wonder how many of these involved the kats and the 2 Stupid Dogs??

2) The 3 panel storyboard they encourage you to fill out.
   I envision this- (humor me here)
   first panel- (You only see from the shoulders down)
                You see two men facing two other men, one man hands
                a briefcase to the man directly across from him. While
                the other two gentlemen exchange a box and shake hands
                to seal what appears to be a shady deal. (Swapping the
                box for the briefcase is what I'm getting at here)

   second panel- (Again, you only see from the shoulders down)
                Both parties turn and walk away in separate directions.

   third panel- (split panel)
                (left half) you see Hanna and Barbera open the briefcase
                 only to find cut newspaper with $20's on the top and bottom
                 of the stacks.
                (right half) You see Ted and Captain Planet sitting in
                Lay-Z-Boys in front of a fireplace, the box opened to reveal
                that inside is the complete collection of SK episodes,
                and they're tossing in various reels and enjoying a good laugh.

Maybe I need a good hobby!!

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