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It's just as easy for me to decide, too. EXO-SQUAD is, without question,
one of the most over-rated pieces of junk to come down the pike since THE
TRANSFORMERS. One-dimensional characters, juvenile plots, and animation
that makes G.I. JOE look like FANTASIA. But the biggest problem with the
show is the fact that it takes itself way to seriously. As a result, it
is a profoundly dull series.

But because the characters are anthropomorphic, SWAT KATS, by definition,
it not as self-consciously melodramatic. I mean, you wouldn't see Phaeton
joking about coughing up a hairball. There's not a lot of pointless,
angst-ridden dialog in KATS. Just a lot of humor, action, and spiffy
gadgets. It is like a latter-day Gerry Anderson show (for the under-25
crowd, that's the guy who did those puppet series like THUNDERBIRDS in the
1960's). SWAT KATS is fun to watch. EXO-SQUID puts me to sleep.


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