Nipping the Nips?

From: Dr. Samuel Conway <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 1995 13:52:20 -0400

I'm going to try not to stray too far from the topic. I am, of course,
keeping Swat Kats in mind when I put forth the following question:

Where is the line drawn?

By which I mean the following: To show Bugs Bunny blowing up charicatured
Japanese people which are referred to as "Nips" is certainly something I
consider to be undesireable, in an age where we are trying to make an honest
effort to combat rampant racism. I found myself saying, "how true, if my
son's only contact with black people is a Little Black Sambo eating water-
melon on cartoons, that he will grow up with certain pernicious preconcep-
tions." Indeed, I reasoned, this child should not be exposed to the kind
of cruel racism that used to be shown in cartoons, because he cannot help but
be influenced by it if he is repeatedly exposed to it at a tender young age.

Then I was struck very hard in the head by the realization that, indeed,
this is the exact argument that is being offered against violence on the tube.
I have honestly crusaded against editing out violence on television on the
grounds that it would not have a harmful effect on children, and yet I find
myself equally certain that to bombard a child with degrading images of a
particular race is bound to affect the child adversely.

Someone help me out, here. This is causing me a crisis.

Dr. Sambo Conway
Senior Nip Nipper
Avid Therapeutics
Philadelphia, PA
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