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Hey, got my 10 issues of Animato today. Four are spoken for, one of the
intended recipients got their own, and I lost the DAMNLIST with the names
of those who wanted them. E-me if you're interested in a copy. There
was a problem this time around getting them into the comic stores because
of Marvel actually, though indirectly.

The article looks DAMN good. What makes it truly ironic is that H-B has
this big three pager of advertising in there for their "storyboard WPT"
contest - in between Mark's Kats article, and Mike Dobbs disparaging the
World Premiere Toons in a column. They don't learn, do they?

My only complaint is the artwork (and the fact that I don't _entirely_
agree with Mark's 'letter grades'). If you saw the "Toon" article
sometime back, the shot of Razor and T-Bone in a kind of "we're the Kat's
meow" pose in the triangle was actually altered for use in "Toon". The
"Animato!" article has exactly the same picture, but left as it was
originally; showing the prototypical "SwatKats" in a promotional shot.
There's another Turner promo shot in there from NATPE 94, and an ECU of
T-Bone. If you're looking for artwork, track down the "Toon" article
that contains Butch Hartman's actual model sheets for the Kat guys and
the Turbokat - but Mark's copy reads better and far more in-depth than
anything you'll see in Swanigan's stuff.

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