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Forwarded from list subscriber ready to claw his sysop sideways.

Until my ISP decides to rejoin the 20th century, I can't forward stuff to
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The following was pulled down from AOL's new WB database (courtesy of a friend
 who has access):

TRESS MacNEILLE (The Voice of "Dot Warner")
A veteran voice-over actress, MacNeille has provided voices for radio and telev
ision commercials, network promos, trailers, jingles, music videos and
episodic tele vision, as well as a number of popular animated series,
including: "Steven Spielberg Pre sents Tiny Toon Adventures" (Babs),
"The Simpsons," "Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers" (Chip a nd Gadget).
"Rugrats," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "The Critic," "Mighty Max,
" "Cro," "Duckman," "The Adventures of Batman & Robin," "The Mask" and
"Bobby's World."Tress was also a long-time member of The Groundlings,
the renowned improvisational comedy troupe based in Los Angeles.

****end of WB excerpt****

Notice how they mentioned even the obscure shows that have long since went off
 the air (like"Cro"),yet they somehow neglected to mention her involvement in
SWAT KATS. If THIS is'nt a good example of how the animation industry is
trying to "sweep SK under the rug", I don't know what is (NOW I know
what Trotsky must've felt like when he found out that all images of him
were being airbrushed out of communist party photographs).
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