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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 95 19:32:59 EDT

>> but rather in some sort of reality denial - he can't accept what's
>> happened. Sort of like Mario Cuomo when he didn't get re-elected
>> Governor of NY :)
>Heh! Or for that matter, Turner pining at his beloved Planeteers ending
>up in the "also ran" bin at Toys 'Were Us.

More like Turner's reaction when his brainchild, the Planeteers
movie, gets blown out of the water saleswise. Something to look
forward to :)

>> this is an "inside joke", and this Kat is supposed to be someone
>> real. I saw the same thing in TLM, where a "background" couple is
>> rendered far more accurately than the other "background" characters,
>> and appears in three episodes. I know that the animators at WB do
>> this too, as a WBer who defected to Disney told me so.
> Could be an inside joke - Fred Seibert's wife was expecting a baby
>around the time this ep was made - who knows? Warners is notorious for

The reason I made the comment is that she appeared in two episodes.
I'd have noticed her as a pretty Kat in one, but seeing her with the
baby in two made me think about it. Just like the couple in TLM, who
kept turning up.

>using the same BG "extras" in various shorts - in "Animaniancs", three
>very recognizable individuals show up in something like four shorts (all
>with YWD, except "Yes, Always" with PATB). Lets see if I can guess the
>WB'er - Butch Lukic or Dave Kuhn by any chance?

Dave Kuhn it is. He dropped in on me quite unexpectedly when I made
a comment about the animation quality in the Poca preview back in

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